Monday, 17 June 2013

Have a look at our blogs to see...

Farm Run
Minecraft Report
Skittles investigation and results
Viscosity investigation and results
Paper plane day
Blobs in a bottle
Bubblus - Respect and Writing
Procedural Writing
Good Instructions
Mystery Drawings 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Making a Great Post and Even Better Comments

This is what we brainstormed:

What makes a good post?
  • Title
  • Date – automatic
  • Good information – facts – 5w+h
  • Punctuation – I (capitals) and .!?
  • Topical
  • Think about your audience
  • Easy to read
  • Not too long
  • Spelling – Language of Success
  • On the topicStructure – intro, paragraphs, conclusion
  • Descriptive language

  • Short and catchy –“Run for Life”
  • Rhyme is cool – “Kids Run for Fun”
  • Use capitals 
  • Alliteration – “Crazy Cross Country for Kids’ Cancer”
  • “Finish Line on the Horizon” – visualise
  • "Kids Run 7km for Child Cancer”
  • "Daring Dash for Kids’ Cancer” 
  • “Children Run Crazy for Kids’ Cancer”

We wrote posts about the cross country. See the blogs of Flynn, Bradley, Cullen, Tommy, Maisie, Finn, Antonio, Keenan, Thomas, Lewis, Jackson, Blaire and Mace.

Our next step was to listen to Mrs Yollis' students talk about making comments:

This is the list of criteria they used:

  1. Compliment the writer – be specific
  2. Add some information you knowMake a connection – “I’ve also run the cross country…”
  3. Ask a question
  4. Proofread

We wrote comments on each others posts and critiqued the comments.

From here:
Can we write good comments on other peoples' blogs?
Can we teach the rest of our class what we learned?

Happy blogging!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Using for Brainstorms - Giving Instructions

Have a look at our student blogs where we experimented with to brainstorm giving good instructions.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

So what are the best blogs like?

Click on the picture to find out about blogs.
Do the quiz with the movie.

This year, a big part of our digital literacy programme will be sharing our learning with our community through the class blog. We are going to explore the blogs of classes who are blogging. This way, we will be able to decide how we want to use our blog and what we want it to look like. We will also be able to start making connections with other classes all over the world.


What are the features of a good blog?

Unpack by asking new questions:

What is a blog?

Who blogs?

What are features?

How will we find out?

Research tasks:

Google some blogs - here is a list of some to find: